Our Food

Grown on-site. Picked and crafted into salads and soups by our chefs on the spot.

It’s an Inside Job

Everything at Farm & Market — from the just-harvested produce in our market to the chef-crafted salads and soups at our restaurant — comes from greens grown right here and harvested today.


Absurdly fresh produce grown in RiNo. Stock up on your favorite greens and take your pick of house-made sauces, dressing, soups and salads.


Trust us, you’ve never had a salad like this. We dare you to find dishes more delicious than the chef-crafted food we make from real, raw, locally grown food.

Our Greens
Go the Distance

We’re freaks for flavor, but it’s not the only thing that sets our produce apart.

Higher nutrient density

than traditionally farmed produce

Tender Texture

from ideal growing environment

Zero Chemicals (Ever)

& no washing required

As Locally Grown

as it gets

Our Farm

Our Vision