to your
neighborhood farm

We do more than grow plants, we nourish people.

With produce that’s nutrient-rich, hydroponically grown, and so crazy flavorful you’ll find yourself going back for thirds.

Seed to Served

We’re Grade-A-obsessed with small-impact, big-flavor farming.
Which is why we grow our greens a little differently.


seedlings in peat plugs and nurture them with nutrient-enriched water.


sprouted seedlings to vertical growing towers, where they soak up nutrients under freaky pink lights.


farm-fresh, crisper-than-potato-chips greens every 2-3 weeks.

Serve up

chef-crafted salads and soups with unbelievably tasty, picked-today produce.

Our Farm

Our on-site hydroponic farm is climate-controlled, pesticide-free, and home to 49 varieties of herbs and veggies on any given day.

Our Restaurant

Our produce is crisper than fresh-pressed slacks and so silky it makes cashmere jealous. Give it a spin in our farm-fresh salads, soups, and bowls.

We're homebodies

The only place our produce travels is from fork to tastebuds.

We strive for less

For every 20 gallons of water used in traditional farming, we only use 1.

We're nutrient hoarders

Most produce loses 40% of its potential nutritional value en route to your fork. Our picked-today harvest keeps 100%.

We’re not side salad people

Our chef-curated recipes make produce the star. Who knew it could be so filling? (We did.)

We like it windy

Our farm is indoors, but it’s powered by nature. Wind-powered, to be exact.

Get Your Greens

See what’s growin’ up today.


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