Our Vision

We dream of creating self-sustaining cities through neighborhood-grown, farm-fresh produce.

The S-Word

Yeah, we’re nerds for sustainability. It’s hard not to be when you’ve discovered urban farming that’s so good for your neighbors and the environment. We went into this business to make our home in RiNo and our home on Earth healthier.

Our pie-in-the-sky dream

Picture this: a skyscraper where every floor grows a different crop. A single building that feeds our whole city the freshest, tastiest produce. One day!

Bringing the Farm
to the People

Farms used to be the center of civilization, but now plenty of us go our whole lives without setting eyes on one. Our goal is to feed our neighbors with food grown in our neighborhood. Food that’s five-star quality, but accessible to people and zip codes we know by heart.

We love you, RiNo

Our neighborhood has a high population density and a low fresh-produce-market density. We want to change that. We want to change that by selling the freshest greens in town and donating all spare produce to our neighbors across the street at Samaritan House Shelter.

We Keep it Real

Transparency is our guiding principle. We want people to know exactly what they’re eating and where it came from, which is why we have an open kitchen and a glass-walled farm. So you can see what we’re working with from seed to fork.

The happiest greens in Colorado

Our produce lives the good life under perfect temperature and light conditions. And we hope you’re just as happy while you’re eating it or shopping at the market. We live by that old rule of treating everyone the way we want to be treated — whether you’re our RiNo neighbor or an arugula leaf.

We’re Austin & Davis

Just a couple of brothers who are Grade-A obsessed with small-impact, big-flavor farming.

Farm & Market is a labor of love and a product of our strengths: Davis is our head farmer, and Austin is our chef. We hope you’ll grab a fork and stay a while.


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