Our Farm

Wind-powered, water-saving, pesticide-free greens grown right here in RiNo.

The freshest neighborhood in Denver

Lots of folks farm hydroponically, but we’re the only ones farming on your block. By growing our greens on-site, we bring our neighbors outrageously fresh, picked-today produce.

49 plant varieties

When you love lettuce like we do, 1 variety isn’t enough. So we have 8. And don’t even get us started on kale. (Or herbs. Or microgreens.)

100% wind-powered

Our plants are powered by nature. Everything at Farm & Market—from our pink grow lights to our air conditioning—runs on sustainable wind energy.

95% less water

Our farm uses just 5% of the water used by a traditional farm. We run a lean, green machine.

No chemicals. Ever.

There’s no need to wash our produce when you bring it home, because we never use pesticides or herbicides.

Seed to Served


seedlings in peat plugs and nurture them with nutrient-enriched water.


sprouted seedlings to vertical growing towers, where they soak up nutrients under freaky pink lights.


farm-fresh, crisper-than-potato-chips greens every 2-3 weeks.

Serve up

chef-crafted recipes with unbelievably tasty, picked-today produce.

Live Harvest

Store-bought herbs are a gamble: you never know how long they’ve been off the stem. At our Live Harvest counter, we cut herbs and microgreens right in front of you for quality you can see and smell. Just call us the plant butchers.

Our Food

Our Vision