The Market

Your year-round farmer’s market with fresh veg, grab-and-go meals and more.

Rino’s produce Stand

Wilted produce breaks our hearts. Which is why our harvested-today greens are so capital-c Crisp they last 4 weeks once you bring ‘em home. Load up your veggie drawer or shop house-made salads, soups, sauces and dressings.

Daily Harvest

Shop 5 varieties of kale, 8 varieties of lettuce, 10 different herbs, arugula, swiss chard, watercress… you get the picture. Plant lovers, get in here.

Grab n’ Go

Our chefs prep salads, soups, pestos, chimichurri and more on the daily, using greens grown right here. Stop in and stock up on your faves.

Live Harvest

We cut our herbs and microgreens right in front of you in the exact quantity you need, on the exact day you need ‘em. Just call us the plant butchers.